Introduction to Christ's Offer of Hope Series

After spending over two decades as a pastor in California and doing research and ministry for several years in Europe and Israel, I wanted to put together a summary of Christ’s message to our generation in a clear and precise manner.
Using photos from Israel and the lands of the Apostles’ labors, as well as recent archaeological evidence; the beauty and accuracy of The Scriptures is made plain.

Evidence and facts that have laid hidden for centuries is just coming to light in our day. The Lord is doing something extraordinary.

I have seen this seminar bless many others, and I pray you and your family will be blessed as well.
— Pastor Lyndon E. Parsons, M.Div

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"The Historical Reality of Jesus of Nazareth"
Archeological evidence of Christ's ministry in Israel.

"What Made Jesus Unique?" 
Thousands pursued Him; some loved Him, some despised Him, all because of who He really was.

"The Lord's Promise to Forgive All Our Sins" 
No doctor, no therapist, no amount of money can do for us what The Lord offers.

"Jesus Reveals How the World Will End" 
Christ wanted His followers to understand what was coming on the earth. Here we explore what He said.

"What Satan Hates Most" 
Satan is not a friend of God or humanity. He operates on hate, and we are in his sights.

"The Lord's Day"
The Lord Himself has set aside a special time each week for us to rest in His grace.

"The Hour of God's Judgement"
The Bible states clearly that we all must face the Judgement of God. How will it operate?

"Our Time in Bible Prophecy I" 
Prophecies from the Book of Daniel illuminate the world we live in.

"Our Time in Bible Prophecy II" 
Prophecies from the Book of Revelation demonstrate the nearness of Christ's return.

"The Mark of the Beast" 
It is not just a problem; It is a test of loyalty.

"The Seal of God"
The last generation receives this special mark, and none will be saved without it.

"Jesus Clarifies How You Can be Saved"
Though the enemy of souls has confused this issue, The Lord makes it very clear.

"Discerning the True From the False"
There are so many voices contending for your attention. The Scriptures are our only safeguard in a broken world.

"What Really Happens When You Die?" 
Follow the Biblical description of exactly what happens.

"God's Financial Secret" 
Money is a necessity of life. The Lord wants us to live strong, stable lives. Learn His plan of how to get there.

"How to Live a Successful Christian Life"
Our failures scar our lives. In the spirit and power of Christ, a better way is offered to humanity.

"Safe In Christ" 
In good times or bad, our singular stabilizing strength is Christ.